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Nowadays, all new cars come with sophisticated remote key fobs, which are much more convenient to use than a key when they function. But when things go wrong, not only is it inconvenient, but it can cause your stress levels to go through the roof. (Read Also: Moonroof vs. Sunroof – What’s the Difference)

But don’t worry, sometimes fixing a remote is as easy as changing the battery. Furthermore, assistance is always available from your trustworthy neighborhood automotive locksmith, even if it turns out to be a more serious issue.

Here are the top 5 reasons why car remotes malfunction and what you can do to fix them.

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5 Most Common Reasons Why Key Fob Remote Not Working

1. No Power

The majority of remote controls use lithium batteries, which have a long lifespan. The battery will eventually need to be changed though. So if your remote becomes unresponsive, the battery is the first thing to check.

Battery replacement is fortunately quick and easy, and batteries are widely available. So, fixing this is simple. If you are stuck somewhere, contact us or give us a call and we’ll get you back up and running quickly. Alternatively, bring your remote into our workshop and we’ll get it fixed for you. Our locksmiths keep batteries suitable for most car remotes on hand.

2. Needs Reprogramming

Your remote control needs to be paired with the vehicle’s receiver for it to operate correctly. The key fob won’t work properly if this gets corrupted. Low battery power is the usual culprit, but shock can also make the fob lose its pairing.

Check the owner’s manual of your car for the correct steps to reset the majority of remotes. The fob needs to be reprogrammed if resetting does not fix the issue. A main dealer or automotive locksmith will need to handle this.

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3. Damaged Transmitter Or Receiver

As mentioned above, your remote works by exchanging signals with a paired receiver. Therefore, your remote will not be able to pair if either the transmitter or receiver are damaged. The trauma of some kind, such as shock or water exposure, usually causes this to occur.

This can be a difficult problem to diagnose, however, since the symptoms are similar to a loss of pairing (see above). First, try resetting the remote; if that doesn’t work, call a nearby auto locksmith.

4. Damaged Components

Even though the majority of remote controls are shockproof, they could still sustain damage in unusually harsh conditions. So if your remote stops working after some form of trauma, the chances are that the internal components are damaged.

In this case, it is usually more cost-effective to purchase a replacement remote from your automotive locksmith or main dealer. Following that, the vehicle’s transmitter and the replacement remote control must be paired.

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5. Intermittent Fault

Your remote’s functionality can occasionally be sporadic. Start by replacing the battery because this is typically a sign that it is running low and needs to be replaced. It is always easier to do this while the remote is still working.

If that still doesn’t fix the issue, it might be caused by transmitter trouble or interference from another car. In either case, you should get in touch with a nearby automotive locksmith who can quickly identify and resolve the issue.

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Is Your Car Key Remote Actually Bad?

The first step in determining what is wrong with a car key remote is to make sure that the remote is the issue—this is extremely basic information that won’t apply to many people. You should therefore check to see if your backup remote works if you haven’t already.

You’ll be able to tell for sure that there is a problem with your primary remote if the backup remote works to lock and unlock your doors.

If your backup remote doesn’t work either, it’s always possible that it is also bad. The door locks, nonetheless, might also have a mechanical or electrical issue.

At this point, you’ll want to check and make sure that your physical key, or emergency valet key, can work the locks.

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What About Cars With No Physical Keys?

Push-button ignitions on some vehicles only turn on when the key fob is in close proximity. These cars typically have a physical key that can be used to lock and unlock the doors, though it might be concealed. If you don’t have a physical key for your car, look inside the key fob for a release button or switch. The key fob frequently contains a hidden key.

You might also encounter the problem that some car doors have no obvious keyhole. Most of these automobiles still have a keyhole, but it might be concealed by a trim piece next to the door handle. Then, in order to access the keyhole, you should seek out a trim piece with a tiny slot in it that you can pry open.

If using the physical key to lock and unlock the doors indicates that the locks are mechanically sound, that is. Still, there might be a problem with the electricity. By locking and unlocking all of the doors using the primary physical control located inside the car, you can rule out a portion of this and confirm that the electronics are functioning properly. (Read More: What Does L Mean on a Car’s Gearshift – When to Use Low Gear)

There is always a chance that the receiver could be damaged or even disconnected, but it’s more likely that your keyless entry remote is the problem. You can look for frayed wires behind the dashboard and underneath it, but if you can’t be sure it’s the wireless door lock receiver, don’t connect or plug anything in.

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Final Considerations

With a key fob not working after a battery change, the solutions get a bit more complex. However, you can always hire a locksmith to lessen that complexity. Mobile locksmith services enable a professional technician to come to you and solve your key fob problem.

Replacing your car key remote will frequently be the quickest fix, but this won’t work if the lock or electrical system is the problem. Please leave a contact below if you have any queries or wish to offer your opinions.


How Do I Find Out Which Battery My Key Fob Uses?

Open your key fob to locate the battery it uses. If there is a battery inside, it probably has an engraving that starts with CR and then has a string of numbers. Check your owner’s manual or look up the make, model, and year of your car online without a battery or engraving.

Will Changing the Battery on My Key Fob Make It Work Again?

The most likely reason for a key fob not working is a dead battery. However, your keyfob could be having more serious issues. If a key fob stops working after a battery swap, you might need to replace it or even repair the door lock on your car.

How Do I Know If Changing My Key Fob Battery Will Fix My Car Key?

A good indication that a car key fob is not working due to a dead battery is when the key does not work in any circumstance. All buttons are equally ineffectual on all door locks. When buttons are pressed, no lights flash, indicating that no signal was sent. The backup fob, however, is error-free.

What Do I Do If My Key Fob is Not Working After a Battery Change?

Prior to replacing the car remotes if your key fob still does not function after a battery change, make sure your locks are working properly. Make sure you haven’t unintentionally deprogrammed your key fob as well.

Can You Fix a Key Fob Not Working After a Battery Change?

Although replacing the remote’s batteries may be the quickest fix for the problem, this is by no means your only option. Check to see if the key fob or the vehicle is the root of your issue. After determining the root cause, fix or change the damaged components.

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