Where did Penn State's 2024 signees finish in final On300 rankings? (2024)

Will Penn State Need Cooper Cousins To Play Center

Penn State’s coaching and recruiting staff have shifted their focus to the Class of 2025 in recent weeks, but there are still plenty of schools still working to add players to their 2024 class. That’ll all wrap up next Wednesday, Feb. 7, for National Signing Day.

We don’t expect any additions for the Nittany Lions next week, but there’s still plenty to discuss in that class. That’s especially true following Monday’s rankings update, as On3’s scouting department released its final On300 rankings for the class this afternoon.

The biggest news undoubtedly surrounds offensive lineman Cooper Cousins, as the Erie, Pa., native moved up more than 80 spots to No. 27 nationally. With Cousins now among the Top 30 players in the country, he’ll finish as a five-star prospect and the top-ranked player in Penn State’s class.

Earlier this month, Cousins earned strong reviews from multiple outlets when he traveled to San Antonio for this year’s All-American Bowl. Leading into the event, our scouts wondered how he’d adjust to facing the nation’s top players. By the end of the week, there was no debate when it came to the top offensive line prospect in this year’s game.

“Cooper Cousins was the most dominant offensive lineman throughout the entire week of All-American practice and he shined during the game on Saturday afternoon,” wrote On3’s Cody Bellaire. “Cousins was one of the more physically dominant players throughout practice, using his leverage to get underneath defenders’ pads and create lanes in the run game during team periods and the game.

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“The Penn State signee showed excellent burst off the ball and was striking defenders with power and precision. He was the most consistent people mover along the offensive front, and if today’s game is a glimpse into his future as a Nittany Lion, he will be a problem for years to come at the next level.”

In addition to Cousins, cornerback Jon Mitchell also moved up in the rankings, climbing 21 spots to No. 62 nationally. The Jacksonville, Fla., native will finish as the ninth-ranked cornerback in the class. He totaled 71 tackles, 15 pass deflections and four interceptions at Mandarin during his senior season.

“Jon Mitchell, I think, has a really good knack for the ball,” said Penn State recruiting assistant Alan Zemaitis back in December. “You’ve seen it in the playoffs where he tackled the running back and he stripped the ball from him as he was tackling him. He also had a couple of picks. He’s a ball hawk and he finishes plays the way you’re supposed to with a turnover.”

The Nittany Lions finished with nine players inside the On300. Safety Dejuan Lane was previously No. 298 nationally but dropped out following 40 new additions to the list. He remains a four-star prospect.

Penn State fans can check out the complete list of future Nittany Lions below.

Penn State signees in final 2024 On300

27) OL Cooper Cousins (Previously No. 110)
62) CB Jon Mitchell (Previously No. 83)
74) TE Luke Reynolds (Previously No. 39)
76) OL Garrett Sexton (Previously No. 64)
111) DE Mylachi Williams (Previously No. 80)
117) QB Ethan Grunkemeyer (Previously No. 108)
123) DL Liam Andrews (Previously No. 121)
145) Ath. Quinton Martin (Previously No. 119)
275) Saf. Vaboue Toure (Previously No. 230)

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Where did Penn State's 2024 signees finish in final On300 rankings? (2024)
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