Remote Integrator Academy Review – Ravi Abuvala Scam? (2024)

Today we will be reviewing a skillset training program in Remote Integrator Academy by Ravi Abuvala. Is Remote Integrator Academy legit? Find out in this Remote Integrator Academy review.

You might be here because you’re trying to find a side hustle. After all, you might need to supplement your income to keep up with the inflation.

The said search might lead you to Ravi’s Remote Integrator Academy. It’s a candidate for a typical side-hustle since the career it promises is something you can do online in a span of hours.

But before you purchase this program, you should read this Remote Integrator Academy review first. So that you can determine yourself whether the program is worth it for you, or not.

Please take note that this is a completely unbiased Remote Integrator Academy Review. And I’m not affiliated with Remote Integrator Academy, or its creator, in any way.

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What is Remote Integrator Academy?

Remote Integrator Academy is the one of the programs offered in Ravi’s Scaling With Systems lineup. As the name implies, this program promises to equip you with necessary skills on how to be a remote integrator.

According to its founder Ravi Abuvala, it’s the number one way to separate your time from your money. He also claims that you can earn income online without having to go through all the complications of starting your own business.

Inside Remote Integrator Academy, Ravi guarantees three key things.

First is you’ll learn the exact skillset that he, Ravi, used to generate over $9 million in the last three years without previous business experience. According to him, this is an in-demand skill that clients are willing to pay thousands for.

Second is you’ll get your first high-paying client within the first 90 days of being in the Academy. They’ll even try to connect you to someone on their list of clients through their placement program.

Third is you’ll be part of a program that is unique from typical online courses. This is something in an unsaturated market that “you have never seen before” unlike courses on social media management, sales, and eCommerce.

Who Created Remote Integrator Academy?

Remote Integrator Academy Review – Ravi Abuvala Scam? (1)

Ravi Abuvala is the founder of Remote Integrator Academy. He’s also the Chief Scaling Officer (CSO) of Scaling With Systems.

Ravi Before Remote Integration

Ravi dreamed of becoming a lawyer first before being an expert remote integrator and multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

In fact, he took a year off after graduating college to pursue the said dream and prepare for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). He needs to pass the said exam to be eligible for the best law schools in the country.

However, he received a shocking news through a phone call three days after his graduation that’ll forever change his perspective in life. The news is about his father being diagnosed with Stage IV Lung Cancer.

He still tried to study for LSAT for about 6 hours a day while taking care of his father in the hospital. When his dad went into remission, he took the test and passed with flying colors.

Despite that, his newfound outlook in life made him changed his mind of pursuing law. Instead, he wants a unique and profitable career of his own.

Ravi After Remote Integration

To make the unique career possible, he worked at an Italian Resto first, earning $2,000 a month, while learning how to setup ads online. He’s also learning other things that will soon become the knowledge taught in the Academy.

Without something similar to Academy’s placement program, he wasn’t able to get a client until 8 months.

The wait was so worth it, though. His first client, a plastic surgeon, instantly matched his monthly wage at the resto.

He reinvested his profits in mentorships. Eventually, he was able to hire a virtual assistant (VA) to make his workload more manageable.

Two years later, his companies are now making millions. He also learned a lot of valuable skills that’s marketable, highly sought by business owners, and recession-proof.

He can’t serve everyone in this growing multi-billion industry. Thus, he’s offering a program to train you to become like him – a remote integrator.

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My Favorite Program

Remote Integrator Masterclass

Like most of the courses online, this is Ravi’s “get your feet wet” offer. From the site, it is an introductory course on becoming a remote integrator.

Here, Ravi will entice you to the idea of becoming a remote integrator like him. Basically, a sales pitch to try his Remote Integrator Academy.

Some of the topics to be discussed here are as follows:

  • What is remote integrator
  • Why choose to become a remote integrator rather than start your own business
  • How to set up your own passive “profit centers” as a remote integrator

Remote Integrator Masterclass Content

Here’s everything you get from buying Remote Integrator Masterclass:

  • Remote Integrator Quick-Start Guide
  • “Mindset To Freedom” Bonus Training
  • “Set It And Forget It” Result System For Clients
  • $50,000+ Client Retainer Guide
  • Time Freedom Strategies (How To Work Less Than 10 Hours / Week)
  • Client Attraction Blueprint

Remote Integrator Masterclass Cost

The course retails for $39.97. This is also with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Remote Integrator Academy

Remote Integrator Academy Review – Ravi Abuvala Scam? (2)

This is the actual program where you can graduate by completing all the training and coaching requirements, and become an eligible remote integrator. As expected, it’s much more extensive and in-depth than the masterclass.

Remote Integrator Academy Content

Here’s what you get from buying Remote Integrator Academy:

Access to Remote Integrator’s Curriculum

This is the core training material with over 120 modules of video lectures. The main theme of the topics included here are as follows: program introduction, changing how you view systems and business, how to get clients, how to sell yourself, and how to provide lifetime value.

You’ll also learn how to conduct data analysis, how to use Google Sheets, how to solve problems in marketing and sales, and how to solve problems in client fulfillment and retention.

Finally, you’ll also read modules on the success mindset, creating generational wealth through investing, software bootcamp, and other practical examples and case studies.

Access to Messenger Channel and Group

Like most training programs, you’ll be placed in a private group of over 536 individuals who are also taking Remote Integrator Academy. The messenger channel would be where you contact your success coach, the one who’ll answer your concerns on one-on-one calls.

Access to an Accountability Group

Besides the private group mentioned above, you’ll also be placed in a much smaller group of around 4-8 people who recently joined the program. A much closer community like this ensures that you stay on track.

You can also have someone to share your experience with. You’re likely to succeed too when you’re holding each other accountable.

Coaching Calls from Expert Integrators

This is a coaching session led by different expert-level integrators who have already earned at least six figures in their lifetime as a remote integrator. This is separate from the one-on-one calls with your success coach.

Access to the Academy’s “Placement Program”

This is a client-placement process accessible to graduates of the academy. It’s not a 100% guarantee that someone from the Academy’s list of clients will hire you, but the probability of one is very high.

Remote Integrator Academy Cost

You can’t see the pricing on the program’s site. In fact, you’ll only get a quote when you schedule a “breakthrough” call.

Fortunately for you, I have done my research and it shows that program costs a one-time payment of around $7,000- $7,500.

What I Like in Remote Integrator Academy?

Affordable Masterclass

With a price of less than fifty bucks, you can check out and see what to expect on Remote Integrator Academy. I don’t usually recommend paying for a sales pitch, but it’s over 5 hours’ worth of lectures at least.

It’s also an effective way to decide on things dependent on your personal taste. Reviews like mine can’t accurately rate someone’s method of teaching (unless it’s so terrible).

You better judge it yourself if the main offer, Remote Integrator Academy, suits you. This is done via attending the said masterclass.

Extensive Training Materials

The number of modules says it all. The length of module can also go up to 3 hours, although it’s usually around 30 minutes.

The program also offers a lot of choices on which software to use. A welcome feature for some who wants variety.

What I Dislike in Remote Integrator Academy?

Expensive Academy Course

I don’t think paying around $7,000-$7,500 is worth it for this kind of training. What’s more ridiculous is that you have to pay more for software.

Else, you won’t be able to earn and start your career as a remote integrator.

The disclaimer on the site’s join button says it all: *IF YOU ARE BARELY GETTING BY (PAYCHECK-TO-PAYCHECK) THIS WON’T BE FOR YOU*

Subpar Content on Actual Systems

Despite the extensive course materials, it is still quite lacking depth on systems management. This is concerning since this is the most important stuff you need to know to be successful.

You can’t go beyond $7k a month with this career if you don’t have a solid foundation on such. I mean, the said figure is not so bad, but it’s far from the $20k a month that Ravi and his program promises.

With the “meh” quality of training, even the said $7k a month is not guaranteed at this point. Take note that the placement program is not guaranteed of giving you clients too.

Too Much Focus on Hiring VAs

The course relies heavily on hiring VAs. It’s not ideal since outsourcing, in general, can be quite costly.

I mean, why hire VAs too when it’s suggested by Ravi himself that you can finish the work within hours. And if it’s only about hiring VAs, why would I pay thousands, around $7,500 to be exact, when I can learn how to hire VAs myself.

It’s not rocket science and I know that you can do the hiring by yourself too. I’m also not going to recommend his offered VA service for reasons I’ll state below.

Expensive Service and Software Offers

Paying for the program just to access the VA service is not worth it because it’s way too overpriced. Nothing special about the VAs here compared to others.

He’s charging $1,000 a month for something that costs him $640 a month, at most. It’s possible since he’s suggesting hiring outside US.

Specifically, he’s probably hiring from countries that accepts low wages such as Philippines. I discourage you to do this if you want to avoid complications in the future.

The software offered here is also not ideal pricewise. Like hiring VAs, it’s something you can search and pick by yourself.

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My Favorite Program

Is Ravi Abuvala a Scam?

Remote Integrator Academy Review – Ravi Abuvala Scam? (3)

I don’t think Ravi Abuvala and his program is a scam. Ravi seems to be a legit entrepreneur and not a fake persona.

He’s not like Adrian Morrison that only makes money by selling courses. The chunk of his income seems to come from the consulting services of Scaling With Systems rather than from selling Remote Integrator Academy.

However, him not being a scam doesn’t mean that the program is worth your money. I’ll explain why in my verdict below.

Final Verdict – Remote Integrator Academy

I’m not recommending this program to anyone for its price alone. It’s really not worth that much when it’s lacking on systems.

Don’t take my word for it, it’s a common review from his students. You’ll see them say “weak on actual systems, heavy on hiring VAs.”

Ravi is also notorious for complicating simple terms. He’s criticized for talking too much and turning a 20-minute info into a 5-hour long masterclass.

If you’re also paying for this program to access its VA services and software, I’ll tell you to do otherwise. It’s too overpriced.

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Remote Integrator Academy Review – Ravi Abuvala Scam? (2024)


How much is Remote Integrator Academy? ›

Of course, you won't be spending much time there because you'll be too busy taking one exotic vacation after the next. The regular price of The Remote Integrator Masterclass is nine hundred and ninety-seven dollars.

What is a remote integrator? ›

Remote Integration is a platform that allows Omega to hand-off its serialization equipment and controls to a client or integrator, who might prefer to purchase, manage, integrate and test their own vision and data systems at their chosen location.

How do I become a remote systems integrator? ›

To become a Systems Integrator, start by earning a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related degree, and gaining relevant work experience. Some employers may prefer you to have a master's degree as well.

How much does scaling with systems cost? ›

For that luxury, you're gonna pay a pretty penny. Scaling With Systems reportedly costs an eye-watering twelve thousand dollars these days. Inside, you'll get training and hand holding on product-market fit, sales funnel creation, four key traffic sources, sales conversions, and separating signal from noise.

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