How To Program Garage Door Opener in Car Without Remote? (2024)

You might have already searched on Google about programming your garage door opener from your car without a remote.

And as I can guess, most of the answers would be ‘NO’. Nothing against anyone, that’s the usual procedure we follow to program an opener, installed in a garage or in a car.

So, what is the purpose of us writing this post? Actually, we are here with the solution.

If you don’t have a remote control, you can still program a garage door opener from your vehicle.

In this post, I am going to show you the complete procedure to get this done, stay tuned, don’t roam around.

How To Program Garage Door Opener In Car Without Remote

Here are a few things you should do:

Confirm the type of controller that suits your needs

The controller could be a keypad with a program button or learn button.

Well, a keypad is still a remote control, but it could be any keypad, not the remote control of your garage opener. It could be in your car, mounted on the wall, or floor.

Along with the basic remote control buttons, the keypad can have many other buttons including numbered buttons, and sometimes the buttons with alphabets on them.

There is another non-remote keypad, that is carved on the rearview of your control box of the garage door opener.

This too comes with three to four buttons on the back, in some cases, it can have an LED indicator, you need to check your car’s brand, and check its’ opener’s type.

Monitor the Keypad, check its Functionality

Keep in mind, we got a situation, we are into programming a garage door opener with the car without a remote control.

We got a numbered keys keypad that is mounted on the garage wall, in the car, or somewhere else in the home.

Now, you need to carefully read the keys, what keys do what, and how are they arranged on the keypad. Check the indicator lights, and see what these lights do.

You should press one button more than once to confirm its functionality. You can also read the instruction manual or key details.

Also check the shortcuts, tips, and tricks of that keypad before you actually start using it for programming your garage door opener with the car without a remote control.

Now, whatever type of keypad you are using, it can be a numbered keypad, a blank arrow keypad, or a box with a few keys on its box.

The idea here is to set the opener programming to default, you have a mission of removing or erasing the previous programming of the garage box opener and setting it to a new parameter.

If you are not sure where the keypad is in your car, you can check it online and see where the control pad is in your car. I am sure you already know what the keypad is, and its location.

Locate and Press Program Button

I am sure you have found the program button to the button with the mark learn. You can easily find that on the top of the keypad press the button and start resetting.

On the lower side of the keypad, you can easily spot the button with arrows. In some keypads, one button can be used for both up and down functions, and in some models, you may find dedicated buttons for the up and downside.

Now, you need to press the Program button or learn button and arrow button at the same time for around 3-10 seconds until the system flushes.

In some keypads, it can take three seconds and in some, it might take more than 10-seconds, keep in mind, that the time you see the LED light flushing, leave both of the buttons.

Once the light is flushed, that means, the previous settings or previous programming handling of the opener is now has been erased, and the backlit on the keypad will go off, leaving the system blank.

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Default Setting

Now, our next task is to restore the default settings. As we have erased the previous settings, check your keypad and its default code, in my case, it is 573. Press the button, and press the default code your keypad has.

Once you set the right code, the LED on the keypad will flush. After that check the programming and press the code once again, test the arrows button and see how your garage door responds.

If the garage door is not responding maybe you are standing away from the garage door, check different distances.

Park your car in the driveway and see if the code works and your garage door responds on the arrow keys.

Once it responds, then check how far the keypad is responding and working.

So that the next time you come home, you know from what distance the keypad would be working.

Set a new Code

Well, we are in the middle of programming our garage door opener with the car.

To the point, we have erased the previous settings or programming and restored the default settings.

Now, the next point is to set a new code, there is already a code, but the best thing about the default code is that if you forget, you can set it again. Same is its negative point, they are easy to look p.

It can be picked by anyone, so set a new code.

Wait for a second, don’t just put the random number, because you will forget it then.

So, the better it is that you should pet your pet name, or your favorite cousin’s name, or your primary school name, so that you could easily recall it and set things rolled on smoothly.

Calibrate Replacement

You are programming your garage door opener with a car without remote control, It does sent mean that you had no remote control.

That means you had remote control but you do not like using it for opening your garage door, you want to use your car because you keep losing the remote control.

So, it is not that you don’t have a remote control, it means that you prefer not to use one.

Now, we will be using the remote controller to program the car buttons, and after that, the remote controller will have no use.

To do that, you need to have your car inside the garage or near it. Try to park the car near your garage opener control box. Check the keypad buttons you were already using.

Now we will begin the programming process to make our remote controller redundant.

Press the side button and hold them to reset like the way had it reset before. It will take 3-20 seconds, it depends on the keypad you are using.

Leave both of the sides buttons the time you see the red button twinkle. Now, on your remote control set the button you want to replace.

Press that button, keep in mind, press the button pointing to the control box, and you should be sitting or standing near the control box.

Pressing the button on the remote control should be followed by pressing the replacement button on the control box.

How do I know if programming is successful?

Yes, that’s a pertinent question, how would you know if the programming was successful.

It is a simple to check procedure, when you press the control box button, and you see the light go blink rather staying on, that means the programming has not been completed or was not successful.

To fix that, go to your control box inside the garage, and press the program button, after that, go to your car and press the replacement button you have just programmed.

Hold that button for a few seconds, your garage will respond t the button if it is successful.

What to do with your remote control?

As now you have programmed your garage box opener with your car, you might be interested in throwing the remote control.

Stop, don’t do that, wait for a second, you may need the remote control button, so store it safely in your garage or somewhere else.

And if your garage parks more than one car, then definitely you will need to for your other car, or maybe your other family members don’t like the opener to set with the car, like to use the remote control for opening and closing the garage opener.


Programming a garage box opener with a car without a remote control is a daunting task.

But, you can take the use of a remote transmitter and reset the garage door opener first and then set it to default, and then program it with your car.

You can replace the transmitter buttons with the remote control button and use your car now for opening and closing the garage box door.

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How To Program Garage Door Opener in Car Without Remote? (2024)
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