How To Move A Sleep Number Bed: 9 Easy Steps (2023)


How To Move A Sleep Number Bed: 9 Easy Steps (1)

Moving a standard bed requires lifting and transporting the mattress and boxspring wherever you find practical. Similar to a sleep number mattress is quite different, however, it is a breeze and simple if you do it right. Moving the sleep number bed requires taking care to disassemble and pack the internal mattress components in a way that they can be reassembled later much easier.

In this article, we will look at how to move a Sleep Number bed properly, the Sleep Number bed disassembly instructions, and how to assemble it again. And also consider common mistakes when moving this type of bed.

How to move a Sleep Number Bed. Step-by-Step Guide

How To Move A Sleep Number Bed: 9 Easy Steps (2)

Step 1: Start by completing the process of disassembly of the sleep number.

The mattress can be opened by taking off the mattress cover. The zipper can be located anywhere between the mattress cover and the base. If you’re disassembling duvet-style beds or one that has two zippers, take out the zipper on the bottom.

Step 2: Take the hoses off the mattress.

Check for the gray tab on either side of the mattress. Push the tab gently and gently pull the air mattress hose through the hole in the mattress pillow cover.

Step 3: Remove the mattress’s inner components.

These include air chambers, border walls, and corner locks. It is possible to capture photographs of the interior parts to help you when reassembling your sleep number mattress later.

Step 4: Remove the firmness system from your bed.

This is the white box where the hoses are connected. Unplug and secure the unit to protect it from damage.

Step 5: Deflated air chambers should be packed.

Utilize packing materials to avoid harming the air chamber.

Step 6: Place the mattress cover and the memory foam mattress pads into the form of a double bag.

This will help keep the foam comfort pads from staining your mattress.

Step 7: Take out the mattress retainers.

Loosen the bolts using a 7/16-inch socket to release the mattress retainers. Make sure you ensure that you keep your bolts and other parts in a secure location. They will be needed in the process of rebuilding your bed.

Step 8: Take apart the modular or adjustable base.

Slide the decking panels away from and off the frame of the bed.

Step 9: Take off from the frame legs and the side rails.

Take off the wing nuts to disconnect them from bed frames. Incorporate all other pieces into the bag in order to avoid damage or even loss in the transport.

    After having the bed frame and bed frame removed and other parts securely packed then you’re ready for transport to another place.

    How to move a sleep Number Bed to a Different Room

    The Sleep Number beds are lighter than conventional beds which makes it easy to transfer them from one place to another. However, you might require disassembling and taking the bed’s module base prior to moving.

    The sleep number of beds is susceptible to twisting. It is essential to take it apart and take care when packing. Make sure to keep your hardware and other parts in a bag that is secure, so that they do not get in danger of being lost during the move.

    How Can You Move a Sleep Number adjustable bed?

    You might require help to disassemble and move the adjustable sleep number bed. Additional care is needed as research suggests that improper disassembling and moving can cause damage to the bed. Be aware that removing the bases of adjustable beds with sleep numbers for all bases is different from disassembling a king-size bed.

    Disassembling all Bases

    1. Disconnect the system for control and remove all the cables.
    2. Secure cables by tying them onto the frame’s adjustable base.
    3. Put all remotes and firmness control systems inside the box.

    Disassembling the Large Size Bases only

    1. There are two beds: the Eastern and California King, Split King, and FlexTop King beds come with two bases that can be adjusted individually. They are joined via bed straps on the top and the foot. The base is marked on both the right and right sides of the base using tapes to be used later for reference.
    2. Unscrew the legs on the inside at the top of the bed. This will allow them to move. Be careful not to pull the legs completely loose, however, just enough to release the strap that holds the bed.
    3. After removing the bed strap Securely screw the legs onto the bases that can be adjusted. Repeat the process at the bottom of the bed.
    4. It is crucial to fix the legs securely into the base, to ensure they don’t bend when moving.

    sleep number bed disassembly instructions

    You can also watch the Sleep Number Bed disassembly video instructions for help.

    Can Movers be able to move a Bed?

    Movers can move a sleep number bed. First, follow the steps to disassemble a number bed, which involves disassembling its frame and header. Then, put the pieces and tools in bags and attach them to the bed’s bigger frame to stop them from being lost in transportation.

    Make sure to ensure the security of your Bed’s Firmness Control System, Sleep Number Bed Remote, and instructions. Pack these items in a bag, and arrange them for transport in a way that minimizes the impact and vibration.

    The benefit of using a moving service is that they can transport the mattress fully assembled and inside the mattress box. This means that you can keep the mattress completely inflated and sealed off. Caps for closure are essential to transport a fully inflated mattress, and specifically to prevent any third-party costs.

    How do you move into a Sleep Number 360 Bed?

    1. Make yourself ready. Moving bed number 360 is normally a two-person task, and you will need these things:
      • One box contains two” packing material
      • One small bag with screws.
      • Six towels
      • Blanket for Moving blanket
      • One mattress bag
      • Mobile or remote device using SleepIQ App
    2. Inflate all sides filled by 100.
    3. Locate your air chamber caps within the base, where the pump is located. It is possible to access the pump location using your remote to lift the foot from the base.
    4. Connect the hoses. You can do this by pushing down the gray tab and gently pulling it out to disconnect. Stop the cap quickly to avoid losing all the air chambers as possible. Repeat the same procedure on the other side.
    5. Remove magnets. Keep in mind that magnets emit an intense magnetic field. Be sure to keep them from one another and from any other metal objects to prevent any potential dangers. You can do this by placing towels between them in order to cut off the connection.
    6. Place the mattress and other bedding items into bags.

    How do you move a Sleep Number Bed to a Different House

    It’s almost always necessary to relocate from one home to another. And the fact that you have invested an enormous amount of money in your bed, it is likely that you’ll need to relocate your beloved bed along with you.

    Moving a bed that sleeps can be a challenge for some. You might want to get the assistance of professional movers to help you with wrapping and making sure your bed is secured.

    However, if you’re self-sufficient You’re likely to plan to disassemble, secure and shift your bed by yourself. However, if you do not have the aid of a professional moving company implies that you must arrange safe transportation for your sleep number bed. Here are a few steps to assist you in disassembling and reassembling your bed:

    1. Place the mattress double bag on top of the mattress. A mattress bag is well worth the cost because it relieves the burden of taped-off every crack when wrapping the mattress using plastic.
    2. Tape is used to secure and seal the mattress. Then fold over the upper part of the bag and apply tape all over to seal and ensure the mattress is secured.
    3. Place the mattress on the vehicle. If you’re leasing the truck and you are able to do so, then we recommend laying your mattress flat position against the solid surface or in a flat position against your vehicle’s wall. Make sure that there isn’t any edge that is sharp and surfaces that could cause the mattress to be damaged.
    4. When the air mattress is placed in the car, make sure to check whether it’s secure from sliding. You can make use of a low-cost strap that tightens the mattress properly.

    One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is to protect the mattress’s fabric from coming in contact with any elements that could cause damage to the surface of the mattress.

    Are you able to move a sleep Number Bed and not take it Away?

    Yes in particular if you’re moving the bed to a different area or room. If the bed is in good condition, you will require help when you need to transport it to another area. Be sure to utilize the structural steel to support and keep away from foam or wooden and plastic components.

    However, it is recommended to remove the legs prior to moving it to another area. The legs are sturdy enough to support weights that are straight down, but they are not designed to handle the force of a side. The inability to remove the legs prior to carrying the bed can result in the mistake of placing pressure on them that could make them bend.


    Can you take apart a Sleep Number bed?

    Of course, you can. Proper disassembly of the Sleep Number bed ensures that all working parts are safely removed and stored.

    Can movers disassemble a Sleep Number bed?

    Yes, movers can disassemble a Sleep Number bed. However, there may be an additional charge.

    Can I deflate my Sleep Number bed to move it?

    Yes, you can deflate your Sleep Number bed to move it. Start deflating your mattress, by using a controller. Remove the air from the chambers by pressing the down arrow. If the mattress has a double chamber, press the down arrow and the left side button simultaneously.

    How difficult is it to move a Sleep Number bed?

    It is not difficult to move a Sleep Number Bed because it is lightweight. And even a teenager can handle the deflated system.


    The relatively light burden of the sleep numbers beds is what makes them easy to move. But, the disassembling and packing process takes some duration and energy to transport this kind of bed. It is possible to complete the job on your own, however, it is easier if you are assisted. It is essential to keep the manual handy particularly when you have to bring the bed back to its original position after moving it.

    With perseverance and some help With a bit of help, you can move your mattress to a new location. Make sure you secure it as you move to avoid being damaged during the process.

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