How To Clone A Remote Gate Opener (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (2024)

Remote gate openers are useful for any homeowner with an automatic gate, and it never hurts to have more than one. Luckily, you can clone a remote gate opener if you clear the new remote and sync it up with your existing one in a few simple steps. Cloning remote gate openers on your own can save money, so follow along as we see how you can do it in no time at all.

How To Clone A Remote Gate Opener (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (1)

Remote controls are supposed to make our lives easier. For the most part, they do accomplish that job. Being able to control various objects by just pressing a few buttons is undeniably convenient.

The problem is that some remote controls are very easy to lose. The controllers for garage doors and gates are often on the smaller side. Cloning those remote openers helps protect against the possibility of losing them.

Cloning will only work if you already have the appropriate devices including the right opener and remote controls. After obtaining the devices, you need to clear the codes on the cloning remote by pressing two buttons simultaneously. Next, press one button on the original remote and press the corresponding button on the other to complete the cloning process.

It’s worth taking the time to clone remote gate and door openers if you are prone to losing objects like them. Find out how to perform the cloning process correctly by continuing with the rest of this article.

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How To Clone A Remote Gate Opener (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (2)

The Items You Will Need for Cloning

Cloning does not work with all garage door or remote gate openers. You cannot just start cloning whichever one you have and expect it to work. There are certain restrictions that limit which remote controls can be duplicated.

In this section, we’ll discuss the items you need for cloning. You should check if you have the items detailed below first before you proceed to attempt the cloning process.

Compatible Remote Controls

Homeowners should know that not all remote controls are suitable for cloning. You actually have to go out of your way to find the remote controls you’ll need for this undertaking.

The remote controls compatible with cloning are not super easy to find. It may take you a while to locate them and get them delivered to your home. They aren’t too expensive though and they’re ideal to use if you have multiple remote-controlled gates orgarage doors.

Garage Door Opener or Gate with a Fixed Code

Whether or not you’ll be able to clone your remote controls will depend largely on what kind of opener you have. That’s because not all garage door openers or remote-controlled gates have fixed codes.

A fixed code is basically a static password that governs the operations of your garage door or gate. Because it’s fixed, that means it won’t change unless you did something to it.You need an opener that relies on a fixed code or else the cloning will not work. So, how can you tell if you have a remote opener that is compatible with cloning?

What you can do is inspect either the remote control or the opening device itself. If either one of those items features a label with the words “rolling code,” then the cloning will not be successful.

What Is a Rolling Code?

Since we touched on rolling codes already, it’s worth taking the time to discuss them in greater detail. Rolling or hopping codes are the opposite of the fixed passwords.

Rolling codes change every time they are used. They have been implemented for the purposes of improving home security.Hopping codes change every time you use the remote control. That makes them way harder to track.

It’s also worth mentioning here that you don’t have to constantly reprogram the remote control for openers that use rolling codes. The codes will change on their own so just use the remote control as you normally would.Thanks to rolling codes, potential burglars won’t be able to gain entry into your home as easily as they did before. Remote gates and garage door openers that use them can definitely improve your home security.

Newer remote gates and garage door openers often make use of rolling codes. If you are planning to use cloned remotes, make sure you account for that when choosing which product to purchase.

Cloning Your Remote Gate or Garage Door Opener

Now that we know more about the items needed for cloning, we can tackle the process itself. Follow the steps detailed below so you’re able to complete the process of cloning successfully.

Step 1: Prepare the Remote Control to Be Cloned

The remote control to be cloned has to be in good working condition before you start the process. Test it out on thegarage door openeror gate and see if it’s issuing the right commands.

The original remote control not working properly is going to be a problem. Try to swap out the batteries first and see if that helps improve its performance. Hopefully, the original remote control you have is working just fine.

Step 2: Ensure the Area Is Conducive to Cloning the Remote Control

The success of the cloning process hinges on the two remote controls working at the same frequency. You need the two remote controls working at the same frequency for the cloning process.

To prevent outside interference, you need to remove wireless devices from the spot where you’ll clone the remote controls. That includes your smartphone as well.It’s also a good idea to perform the cloning in a spot far from any devices that send signals. The garage should be a good place for that.

Step 3: Clear the Remote Control Clone

You now have to clear the code that your remote control clone contains. Doing this is easy enough.

Simply press two buttons on the clone simultaneously. The LED will flicker to let you know you did this part correctly. If the LED still holds after pressing one of the buttons, that means you didn’t clear the code.Double-check if the code has been cleared by pressing one of the buttons. The LED will blink if there is no code present.

Step 4: Clone the Code

Grab the remote controls now. You should be holding one remote control in each hand.The goal now is to clone the codes on the original remote. To do that, press down on one of the buttons on the original remote. Follow that by pressing the corresponding button on the clone remote.

The two remote controls should also be very close and even in contact with one another for this to work. You’ll know that the cloning was successful if the LED on the clone remote flickers.

From there, you can just repeat the process with the other buttons. Just be careful not to get the buttons mixed up or else you may have trouble controlling the door or gate.

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How To Clone A Remote Gate Opener (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (3)

Related Questions

Can You Change the Frequency of Your Remote Control?

Successful cloning relies on two remote controls operating at the same frequency. Because of that, you may be wondering if there’s a way to change the frequency of your remote control. Maybe doing so could even improve your home security.

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the frequencies that your garage door and remote control work at. The radio frequencies those devices work at are set that way for a reason. They need to remain at that frequency because they could interfere with other devices otherwise.

Interference could be annoying and even dangerous in some cases. The frequencies are even regulated in order to prevent people from changing them at will.

Although changing the frequency of your remote control is out of the question, you can always use a new code. You can still improve your home security by regularly changing the code on your garage door opener. Go ahead and clone it after doing that as well so you always have a spare remote control available.

What Are Other Alternatives to Cloning a Garage Door Opener or Gate Remote Control?

Do you have a garage door opener that uses a rolling code instead of a fixed code? If you answered in the affirmative, cloning is probably not an option for you. That’s fine because you still have some alternatives.

Purchasing a universal remote control is a good idea as it works well as a backup. You should also check if your garage door opener can be operated using an app. You may be able to ditch the remote controls entirely and just use your smartphone to control the garage door.

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How To Clone A Remote Gate Opener (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home (2024)


How To Clone A Remote Gate Opener (Quickly & Easily!) | Upgraded Home? ›

In most cases, you can use your existing garage door opener remote to program a different remote, but there is a catch. Standard garage door remotes don't have that functionality. They can not read and clone the signal from a pre-programmed remote control and use that signal to operate your opener.

Can you program a gate opener with another remote? ›

In most cases, you can use your existing garage door opener remote to program a different remote, but there is a catch. Standard garage door remotes don't have that functionality. They can not read and clone the signal from a pre-programmed remote control and use that signal to operate your opener.

Can you clone a remote control? ›

Code Clone

Place your Original Remote next to Copy Remote. Press and hold down the button on Original Remote that you wish to program onto the corresponding button on Copy Remote, and then press and hold down the corresponding button on Copy Remote.

How many remotes can be programmed to a gate motor? ›

Most of our manufacturers will support up to 250 remote controls being associated with the electric gate kits control board as standard, with no need for any additional receivers. The Liftmaster control boards can accept up to 1000 remotes with the addition of the 'Star 1000' receiver!

What to do if gate remote is stolen? ›

If theft occurs, we recommend you delete all remotes from the system and re-program the remainder of your remotes. This will provide you and your family peace of mind in knowing any missing remotes will no longer be able to operate the gate.

Can any remote work on a gate motor? ›

Can any remote work on a gate? No, in order to operate your gate opener, you need either the specific remote control that comes with it or a compatible universal gate opener.

Is there an app for gate openers? ›

Remote Access: Open and close your Gate from your Android phone or iPhone via the ismartgate access app. Anywhere. Anytime. Gate Alerts: through our highly sensitive Wired sensor you can get notified in real time when your gate is open, closed or left open.

Can a locksmith program a gate remote? ›

All you need to do is contact us. We have expert locksmiths who can reprogram, replace or do whatever is required to get your system working again. Once on-site our experienced and talented team can resolve issues with any lock, key or security device you may have around your property.

Can a rolling code remote be cloned? ›

If the same master key is installed into a cloner device then it will generate same rolling codes as the original device generated in the past. To synchronise with the original remote, cloner device has to be pressed as many times as the original remote was pressed.

Can someone else's remote open my garage door? ›

The radio frequency your garage door opener uses may match your neighbor's new door. If two nearby openers are programmed to the same channel, it's possible for someone else to operate your door with their remote.

How does a clicker become a clicker? ›

Clickers usually take just over a year to develop into their namesake, as prolonged exposure to the fungus envelops their faces. It just goes to show the distance between zombies and Cordyceps infections, as zombies would just rot, whereas those with the Cordyceps virus become one with the fungus.

What is the difference between remote and clone? ›

They are two completely different things. git remote is used to refer to a remote repository or your central repository. git clone is used to copy or clone a different repository.

What is a rolling code remote? ›

Rolling code protects against intruders by generating a new security code every time the remote control is used on your garage door opener. When the remote control activates the garage door opener, a unique algorithm "rolls" the remote control's code to one of more than 100 billion possible codes.

Are all gate remotes the same? ›

It's worth noting that most automatic gate motors are sold with their own proprietary remote controls, which are compatible only with that particular brand of gate operator. Attempting to use a remote control from a different brand may require installing a compatible receiving unit.

Can you clone a centurion gate remote? ›

Each code that is transmitted by the remote is totally and randomly different to the last code transmitted. This prevents unwanted copying of the remote signal and cloning of the remote itself.

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