Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (2024)

After much deliberation, you’ve finally decided to treat yourself to DIRECTV. The setup instructions seem simple enough, but you’re not sure how to program your DIRECTV remote for a TCL TV.

We know you’re eager to start enjoying your new channels, so we’ll cut to the chase.

In this article, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up your DIRECTV receiver, program the remote, and as a bonus, throw in a few extra troubleshooting tips in case your run into any hiccups along the way.

There’s no time to lose – let’s get started!

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    • Replace the Remote’s Batteries
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    • Decrease Your TV’s Brightness
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Initial Setup

Before you can program your DIRECTV remote, you must set up your DIRECTV receiver.

To set up your DIRECTV, you will need the following items:

  1. A DIRECTV remote control (universal remote control or Genie remote control)
  2. A DIRECTV receiver (HD receiver or SD receiver)
  3. A TCL smart TV

Once you’ve confirmed you have the devices listed above, follow the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Connect your TCL smart TV and DIRECTV receiver to power with their included power cables. Then, turn both devices on.

Step 2: Put new, compatible batteries into the DIRECTV remote, paying close attention to the polarities (positive and negative).

Step 3: Next, plug the DIRECTV receiver into your TCL TV. You can either connect the two using an HDMI cable or an RCA cable. If you do choose to go the RCA route, ensure you connect each cable to its correspondingly-colored port.

For more detailed instructions on setting up your DIRECTV, check out the article Connect your DIRECTV receiver to an HDTV.

Step 4: Then, adjust your TV’s input to display your DIRECTV receiver. If you connected the receiver to your TV via HDMI, select HDMI 1, HDMI 2, etc. If you used RCA cables, select the RCA input.

Please note that while many of your TCL TV remote’s buttons can be programmed to your DIRECTV remote, not all of them can. So, don’t be surprised if a few buttons don’t elicit a response from your DIRECTV.

Your TCL TV remote will only support the following functions:

  • Basic – Power, Volume, and Input selection
  • Expanded – Basic button support in addition to Back, Home, Up, Down, Right, Left, Replay, Options (or asterisk button), Play/Pause, Reverse Scan, and Forward Scan

How to Manually Get the DIRECTV Remote Programming Code

DIRECTV remotes must be manually linked to your TCL TV via a programming code. These codes vary depending on the TV brand and model.

Luckily, you can find your TCL TV’s specific programming code using DIRECTV’s Remote Control Code Lookup. Alternatively, you can refer to the TCL remote codes found on the official TCL website.

Let’s learn how to do both!

Remote Control Code Lookup Tool

Step 1: In a browser, go to the Remote Control Code Lookup page on the DIRECTV website.

Step 2: Find and click on your DIRECTV remote control model. If you don’t know the model number, refer to the user manual.


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Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (1)

Step 3: Go to Add New TV.

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (2)

Step 4: Select TCL from the TV brand list.

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (3)

Step 5: If you know your TV model number, click on Enter my model number and correctly type it into the text box. Otherwise, head to I don’t know my model number.

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (4)

Step 6: The tool will give you one of the brand’s recommended codes from DIRECTV.

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (5)

For instance, the code might be 12434.

TCL TV Remote Codes

TCL also lists remote codes on its website, which can be found by following the steps below.

Step 1: Launch a browser and go to the TCL Roku TV Remote Codes page on the TCL website.

Step 2: Head to the DIRECTV section.

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (6)

Now, you should be able to see a few suggested codes in the Codes for TCL TVs column. In this case, the two codes are 11756 and 10706.

Alternatively, you can download the Remote Control Setup Codes PDF found on the TCL website to find more remote codes for each DIRECTV remote control model.

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (7)

Instruction Guide: Program the DIRECTV Remote to TCL TV

Now that you’ve found the programming code(s) for your DIRECTV remote, it’s time to program it to your TV.

The instructions to do so will vary depending on if you’re using a universal remote control or a Genie remote control.

Lucky for you, we’ve outlined the steps for both!

Universal Remote Control

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (8)

Step 1: Point your universal remote control’s IR emitter at the DIRECTV receiver (not your TCL TV).

Step 2: Hit the remote’s Menu button.

Step 3: Follow one of these methods depending on if you’re using an HD or SD receiver.

  1. HD receiver: Go to Settings, followed by Remote Control. Then, select Program Remote.
  2. SD receiver: Head to Parental Favs & Setup, before clicking on System Setup. Open Remote or Remote Control. Finally, select Program Remote.

Step 4: Click on TV from the Device list, before using the on-screen keyboard to type “TCL” into the search box.

Step 5: You will see a programming code on the TV screen. Correctly enter this code into your remote before pressing the Volume Up button. If the TV’s volume increases accordingly, then the code is correct. If the volume stays the same, the code is incorrect and you should try another one of the recommended codes or verify the code online.

Step 6: Flip the remote’s mode switch to TV.

Step 7: Then, simultaneously press and hold the MUTE and SELECT. Release them only when the remote’s green light blinks twice.

Step 8: Type 960 into the remote and notice it blink twice once more.

Step 9: Then, flip the mode switch to the DIRECTV logo.

Now, you’re all set to start using your DIRECTV remote to control your TCL TV. We told you it was easy!

If you’re a visual learner, watch the video below demonstrating how to program a DIRECTV universal remote to a TCL TV.


Genie Remote Control

Step 1: Point your Genie remote at the DIRECTV receiver.

Step 2: Simultaneously long-press the remote’s MUTE and ENTER buttons until you see the green light found at the top of the remote flash twice.

Step 3: Press the following number buttons on your remote: 961.

Step 4: Hit the Channel Up key before pressing the Enter keys.

Step 5: When you see Your Remote is now set up for RF on-screen, press OK on your remote.

Step 6: Press the remote’s Menu key.

Step 7: Go to Settings before selecting Remote Control. Then, click on Program Remote.

Step 8: Click on TV from the Device list, before entering “TCL” into the search bar.

Step 9: When you see a programming code on your TV screen, enter it into your remote before pressing the Volume Up button to confirm if it’s correct. If the volume goes up, then your remote is paired to your TV. Otherwise, try entering another code to see if it works.

You did it! Your DIRECTV Genie remote control is paired with your TCL TV.

If you’re in need of some extra guidance, watch the video below demonstrating how to program a DIRECTV Genie remote to a TCL TV.


Troubleshooting Guide

You’ve followed all the instructions listed above, but still cannot program your DIRECTV remote to your TCL TV.

Have no fear. We’re here to help.

Try the following solutions to pair your remote to the DIRECTV receiver in no time!

Check Your Cables

Your DIRECTV receiver will not work if it is not correctly connected to your TV. So, carefully observe that the DIRECTV’s cables are properly plugged into the TV ports. If you’re using RCA cables, ensure that each cable is plugged into its respectively-colored port (e.g. red to red, yellow to yellow, etc.).

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (9)

Remove Any Obstacles and Dust

Check that you’re pointing the remote directly at the DIRECTV receiver throughout the programming process. Remember, pointing the remote at your TCL TV will not cut it.

Make sure that there aren’t any obstacles between the remote and the receiver, like furniture or cloth covering the receiver’s IR/RF sensor.

Dust can also prevent IR/RF signals, so dust off the remote’s emitter and receiver’s sensor with a dry cloth. As a rule of thumb, you should never clean electronics with any harsh cleaning products.

Soft Reset the Receiver

The DIRECTV receiver may be glitching and in need of a soft reset.

Open the receiver access card door and press the red button once to restart it. Should your receiver not have this button, you can also power cycle it by simply leaving it unplugged for 15 seconds before reconnecting it to power and turning it back on.

Replace the Remote’s Batteries

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (10)

Needless to say, dead batteries will prevent your remote from being able to successfully pair to your TV.

You can see your batteries’ power status by long-pressing any of the remote keys. If the remote’s LED light is flashing very slowly or not at all, then it’s best to replace the batteries with new ones. Do not simply replace them with used batteries from another electronic.

Change the Remote Mode to IR

If the remote did not successfully pair the first time, try programming it once more while changing its mode from RF to IR.

Step 1: Click the remote’s Menu button.

Step 2: Head to Settings.

Step 3: Go to Remote Control.

Step 4: Click on IR/RF Setup, if currently in RF mode, change to IR.

Step 5: Head to Continue and click your remote’s Exit button.

Try to program again to see if it works, then you can change back to IR or stay in RF mode.

Decrease Your TV’s Brightness

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (11)

Sometimes your TV’s high brightness settings may interfere with your remote’s pairing process.

So, follow the steps below to dim your TV. Don’t worry, you can always increase the brightness later once the DIRECTV remote is paired.

Step 1: Go to your TV’s Home screen by pressing the Home key on your TCL remote.

Step 2: Navigate to Settings.

Step 3: Click on Display.

Step 4: From here, you can use your remote’s Left Arrow (←) button to dim your TV.

Contact DIRECTV Customer Care

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (12)

You’ve tried your best, but the pairing process still isn’t going as planned.

It’s time to reach out to DIRECTV customer care. You can contact them via phone by calling 877-464-0723.

If you want to order a replacement remote, you can also head to their dedicated Remotes page. Bear in mind that you will have to log into your AT&T account to access it.

Wrapping Things Up

At a glance, programming your DIRECTV remote to your TCL TV may seem like a complicated and highly-technical process. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Before you can begin the pairing process, you must verify the programming code by going to Remote Control Code Lookup Tool or TCL’s Remote Codes page. Many TV models have more than one suggested programming code, so if the first one doesn’t work, try the others.

Remember that universal and Genie remotes have different pairing procedures, so make sure you’re following the right one for your remote model.

If things don’t go as planned, ensure your DIRECTV receiver is properly connected to your TV and that there’s nothing between your remote and receiver. Always point your remote at the receiver, as opposed to the TV as you usually would with a normal TV remote.

You can also try soft resetting your receiver, changing the remote’s batteries, and adjusting the remote’s mode to IR. If worse comes to worst, you may have to contact DIRECTV customer care or request a new remote.

What’s your experience programming a DIRECTV remote to a TCL TV? Do you have any additional tried and true troubleshooting tips to share?

Let us know in the comments below!

Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (13)

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Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV (2024)


Easy Tutorial: Programming Your DIRECTV Remote for a TCL TV? ›

With the TV powered off, connect the HDMI cable from your Cable or Satellite Receiver to the HDMI 1 input or any available HDMI ports on your TCL Roku TV. Press the button. If the receiver if powered on and cables are properly plugged your TV will recognize the connection.

What is the TV code for TCL TV? ›

Program Your Cable or Satellite Remote Control to Work with Your TCL Smart TV
ProvidersCodes for TCL TVsProgramming Instructions
Comcast Cable (Xfinity)11756, 12434, 12290, 12292Comcast
Cox Communications1756, 11756, 12434Cox
DISH Satellite TV1756, 535, 645DISH Network
Frontier Communications688Frontier Communications
21 more rows

How do I manually program my DIRECTV remote to my TV? ›

How to manually program a DIRECTV remote
  1. Hold the MUTE and SELECT keys. When the green light on the remote flashes twice, stop.
  2. Input the first digit of your TV code and wait till the green light on the remote flashes twice.
  3. Input the other 4 digits of your TV code.
  4. Try turning your TV off with your remote.
Mar 28, 2022

What is the code to program a DIRECTV remote to a Roku TV? ›

Cable or satellite remote codes for Roku TV systems
ProviderRemote Code(s)Alternate Remote Code(s)
AT&T DirecTV (U-verse)12049, 1398, 11463, 12183, 10706, 117561097, 1346, 10818
Buckeye Broadband12434, 2434
CenturyLink2414, 2434, 3183
Cox Communications2049, 1756, 12434, 117562360
12 more rows
Mar 19, 2024

How do I connect my DirecTV to my TCL Roku TV? ›

With the TV powered off, connect the HDMI cable from your Cable or Satellite Receiver to the HDMI 1 input or any available HDMI ports on your TCL Roku TV. Press the button. If the receiver if powered on and cables are properly plugged your TV will recognize the connection.

How to program DirecTV remote RC73 to TCL TV? ›

To program the RC73 you press and hold the Mute and Enter, below the #9, until the green light flashes twice, enter in the code, then try volume. Try any additional codes if volume does not respond. Secondly, the most common code we have ran into working with the TCL brand is a code 10885.

How do I pair my remote to my TV? ›

Turn on your TV or another device you wish to control. Press and hold the corresponding Device and Power buttons on the remote at the same time. Wait until the power button comes on, and then release both buttons. Pointing the remote at the TV or another device, press the Power button on the remote and wait 2 seconds.

Why is my TCL TV not connecting to my remote? ›

Try re-pairing the enhanced remote and your TCL Roku TV

Press and hold the pairing button for three (3) seconds or until the pairing light starts flashing. If the light does not flash, try again. If the light still does not flash, then you will need to replace your batteries.

How to program any remote to a TV without code? ›


Press and release the correct device button on your remote for the device you're connecting. For example, if you're connecting to a TV, press the TV button. Now press the power button and the device button simultaneously. Hold until the power light on the device turns off and then back on.

Why won't my DIRECTV remote pair with my TV? ›

Change Mode on the remote

At the top of the remote, slide the mode switch all the way to the left to the DIRECTV symbol. If your remote controls your receiver but doesn't work on other devices, change the input mode by sliding the mode switch to the input symbol (for example TV, AV1, or AV2).

Does DIRECTV replace remotes for free? ›

If it is defective, you can order a new remote online from websites like Amazon, eBay, or Solid Signal. You may also go through DIRECTV and call them for a new remote (number in my greeting below). If you have the Protection Plan with DIRECTV, a new remote is free of charge.

What is the four digit code for Roku? ›

A Roku PIN (personal identification number) is a four-digit code that can be created via your Roku account to help manage payments, subscriptions and services. Once a PIN has been created, it must be used to authorize any transaction.

Can I use direct TV remote with Roku? ›

Roku TVs prefer Wi-fi remotes (something no DIRECTV remote can do) but they should respond to the appropriate IR code set. There may also be an option to use CEC and not have to fuss with programming the remote (other than to turn the TV off).

How to connect remote to Roku? ›

Enter pairing mode from the Settings menu
  1. Press Home on your working remote or from Roku mobile app.
  2. Scroll and select Settings.
  3. Select Remotes & devices.
  4. Select Add devices.
  5. Select Remote.
  6. Select Continue.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair your voice remote.
Apr 10, 2024

How can I find out my TV code? ›

Check the TV unit: Some TVs have a sticker or label on the back of the TV or inside the original remote's battery compartment that contains the 4-digit code. Take a look at these areas to see if the code is listed [2].

How do I find my TV remote code? ›

Here are 3 ways to find the codes to program your remote:
  1. With your remote guide. Usually, the remote comes with a programming guide that includes instructions on programming the remote along with specific codes for each device manufacturer.
  2. Finding the code online. ...
  3. Performing an automatic code search.
May 19, 2023

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