Blox Fruits Update 20 Tier List - Best Fruits (2024)

If you need a Blox Fruits Update 20 Tier List, then you’re in the right place! We ranked all the Devil Fruits currently available in the game, and give you a small description as to what they’re capable of.

Blox Fruits challenges you to become a master swordsman or lethal Blox Fruit user. Train restlessly to become a fierce player, and take on the challenges faced through each island you traverse. Defeat vicious bosses and uncover secrets in this One Piece inspired Roblox game.

You can check out Blox Fruits over on Roblox! We also covered Blox Fruits Codes, and Blox Fruits How To Spawn Leviathan. If you fancy trying something new, why not check out Haze Piece Totem Guide, or Haze Piece Gems?

Come get your five-a-day!


These are lethal! You struck gold if you have one of these fruits as they are simply OP!

  • Mammoth Fruit – Insanely powerful and offers an array of unique move sets to use on enemies. The player can also transform!
  • Dragon Fruit – Tricky to grind but immensely powerful especially in the rougher third sea.
  • Ice Fruit – Insanely powerful elemental and is great for Bounty Hunting and PvP. Has great moves and is insane when awakened.
  • Light Fruit – Fastest travel, high damage, and built-in sword!
  • Magma Fruit – Hugely powerful when awakened
  • Buddha Fruit – Grows bigger and gets a maxed range
  • Dough Fruit – Very valuable. Great for PvP and grinding. Overall a popular fruit because of its versatility.
  • Shadow Fruit – Offers an aura and a plethAURA of powerful moves. (Sorry for the bad joke).
  • Leopard Fruit – Pretty much a no-skill fruit, anyone can use it so long as they can spam. Powerful and handy.


Insanely strong fruits, so don’t sleep on them just because they didn’t rank S-Tier!

  • Rocket Fruit – Despite being a common rarity, this is the best of the weakest bunch. Pretty decent move set.
  • Bomb Fruit – Strong, cheap, reliable, explosive!
  • Flame Fruit – A cheap elemental! Can deal burn damage and offers high attack potential.
  • Sand Fruit – Amazing fruit for the price, especially once awakened. Offers stun potential, massive damage, and high-speed movements.
  • Dark Fruit – Overall very reliable and strong, considered one of the best fruits for PvP.
  • Quake Fruit – Slow cooldown but high damage.
  • Phoenix Fruit – A bit of a support fruit for teammates, but offers wide AoE. Does consume the most energy out of all fruits though.
  • Rumble Fruit – Great PvP potential due to the ability to stun. Also pretty good for general grinding.
  • Blizzard Fruit – Can use tornado flight to move around enemies fast, making kills easier
  • Venom Fruit – One of the strongest fruits to obtain due to its passive abilities and overall high raw damage.
  • Control Fruit – Hard to use since an arena has to be in place first and is on a timer before the control wears off. Great if you can master this fruit though. (I know I’m supposed to be unbiased but do you expect me to put Law’s fruit any lower than A?)
  • Spirit Fruit – Hugely powerful fruit with great grinding and spam opportunities.
  • Rubber Fruit – All moves have an AoE, the body takes the proportions of rubber giving you high damage and decent range. (way to go Luffy!)


These are our average. They’re decent fruits that display as enough of a threat to give you the edge you need in most cases. That said, they’re still not the best and can probably be beaten by a more seasoned player or NPC.

  • Chop Fruit – Sword and gun immunity plus decent attack damage.
  • Smoke Fruit – You gain elemental immunity, and is round a decent fruit considering it’s of common rarity.
  • Spike Fruit – Can summon spikes for ranged attacks, and deal decent close-ranged damage.
  • Love Fruit – Can temporarily decrease the damage inflicted on oneself by making the target fall in love with you.
  • Spider Fruit – Lacks elemental effects and is poor for grinding. Takes a while to master, but can be decent if you’re patient.
  • Sound Fruit – Decent damage and AoE, good for grinding and PvP
  • Portal Fruit – Allows the user to teleport, great for evasive moves and sneak attacks. Can travel fast, and gain distance to heal if need be.
  • Gravity Fruit – Cheapest Mythical fruit for a reason. Offers only decent damage…


These fruits aren’t all too impressive but can be beneficial in a pinch. You shouldn’t aim to keep these for long as there are plenty of stronger fruits available!

  • Spin Fruit – Pretty decent common fruit, but nothing that stands against seasoned players or NPCs
  • Diamond Fruit – Would be a D-Tier if not for the Encrust ability that gives you extra damage
  • Barrier Fruit – Only provides decent blocks…
  • Pain Fruit – Quite weak versus the other fruits available.


It’s better than no fruit I guess… But don’t settle for less. Be sure to visit the fruit dealer again to try your luck to obtain a better, more powerful fruit.

  • Spring Fruit – Can spring forward only to deal with quite weak attacks.
  • Falcon Fruit – Can transform and jump higher… That’s about it.
  • Revive Fruit – Can come back from the dead with this fruit, but it is so weak that you’ll likely die again if you can’t escape.

How We Do Our Ranks

We understand tier lists are subjective, so we include this section to try to explain how we came to our decisions. You may not agree with the fruit rankings we have here, and that’s OK! We try to remain as unbiased as possible when crafting our tiers by pulling information from personal experience, player feedback, and other sources.

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Blox Fruits Update 20 Tier List - Best Fruits (2024)
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