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Ranking the fruits for PvP!

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Fruits in Blox Fruits that perform great in PvE may not necessarily be the ones for PvP and this tier list is for that. We’re going to be rating the fruits for PvP series for Update 21, so we’re including the Kitsune series and reworked Dragon Fruit. Let’s go!

Best Fruits (PVP) Tier List

This is the tier list for PVP as the main factor. It’s all about how much damage you can do, the combo potential, and the different uses they have. There might be better fruits for choice if your purpose is for farming or trading.

Blox Fruits: Best Fruits (PVP) Tier List in Update 21 - Item Level Gaming (3)


  • Kitsune (Trading Value): The undoubted champion of the game right now is Kitsune. It has mobility, combos, huge AoE with high damage, short cooldowns, and can be used on air or on the ground. It is everything you want it to be for PvP.
  • Leopard: You don’t need combo with Leopard due to the sheer short cooldown of the moves and M1s. Getting rushed by this fruit user makes it impossible to survive.
  • Buddha: It’s not just the best fruit for farming. Buddha’s M1 hits like a truck and on top of that, different races affect the fruit differently. Some hit harder, some hit faster, some get tankier. Here’s a guide to master PvP with Buddha.
  • Dragon: Before rework happens, Dragon has great combos with a sword, but it still keeps a great range. It also has AoE, making escaping the combos nearly impossible.
  • Portal: Portal has a higher skill ceiling compared to Rumble but with that, higher damage potential. You can spam the V (Dimensional Rift) move, or use it as a combo starter, use Z (Portal Dash) to stack your attacks. And World Warp is a plus as you don’t need to fly nor use the boat anymore.
  • Rumble: What Rumble lacks in damage compared to fellow S-tier fruits is compensated by the mobility and stuns.
  • Dough: There’s a reason why even with nerf, Dough is still a favorite. You can stun and deal big damage with just any of its skills, especially if you have Cursed Dual Katana when using the C (Piercing Clothesline) move.
  • Spirit: It doesn’t just hit hard, but fast. All the skills are annoying to dodge, and you can consistently stun with its C (Wrath of Shu) move.
  • Blizzard: This fruit is all about stunning your opponent. Nothing kicks out even Control users like the V (Blizzard) move because once it lands, you can keep combo-chaining with all the other moves.
  • Venom: With autoaim on one fo its best ability, X (Noxious Shot), that destroys haki, you’re only left with having to worry about backstabbers. And even that can be countered by wearing cyborg ability. Here’s how to master PVP with Venom!
  • Sand: Using X (Sand Coffin) move will trap your opponent in place, and it has a decent range, then chain it with C (Sand Tornado) move before awakened.


  • Ice: It has insane combo potential, possibly the best of them all. If you know how to do them in air. Because once you drop, your combo can’t hit people who aren’t on the ground.
  • Mammoth (Trading Value): The reason why Mammoth is so high up is because of its immunity to stun when transformed. This is the best A-tier rusher that really cause panic in mere seconds.
  • Shadow: You can perma-stun players with your V (Corvus Torment) but this is only if you break their haki. Because it can be dodged with observation. You can deal damage with even the dash skill, but they’re rather slow.
  • Quake (Trading Value): Avoiding the V (Seaquake/Dual Tsunami) from Quake fruit may prove to be quite hard, making it the perfect combo starter. Its other moves are slow, but great to use in the midst of the confusion from your tsunami.
  • Control: Your Z (Control Area) is your domain. You can stun players with X (Levitate), and combo them with C (Echo Knife) and V (Gamma Rush) moves. Once they’re out of the area though, just run to where they are to cast the area again.
  • Light (Trading Value): Light has everything and is a very balanced fruit in the game. It has great mobility, decent AoE, sniping skill, and instant close-range skill.
  • Ghost (Trading Value): Just imagine having an extra life in PVP! Not only that, Ghost fruit has V (Ghost Busters) skill to spam (and even fly with them with F!). It does need you to be close enough to deal more damage.
  • Sound (Trading Value): While it has pretty much slow moves, the C (Symphonic Radiance) move has a great AoE and damage potential.
  • Flame: Great combo potential as long as you land your combo starter. It deals big damage, a plus with sword.
  • Phoenix: It has it all. You can heal with this fruit, you can have mobility, and you can chain combo. If you know how to manage your energy wisely!


  • Chop: This the fruit to counter all sword users. Chop fruits allow you to take no damage from swords. But it does lack strong offensive abilities.
  • Pain: The V (Torture) move is a high damage dealer and has combo potential with F (Self-Repel) to rush or move out of the way. But its other moves are pretty slow.
  • Dark (Trading Value): This fruit isn’t bad by any means and is actually pretty solid. It has decent range and moves perfect for sword users. Damage is okay and you can rush people with the awakened Ghastly Step. But fruits above this tier will tell you why this is in B-tier.
  • Spider: This fruit is for the patient ones as you will have to keep your distance while sniping other players. But it lacks the moves to evade rushers, unless you start swinging away the moment you see them rushing to you.
  • Love: Love is great for beginners where you can spam the moves that has low cooldown and wind-up. But you’re going to have a hard time dealing with high ELO players as they’re also predictable and don’t deal a lot of damage.
  • Magma: Perhaps one of the most hard-hitting fruits in the game, but with the worst quality in everything else. Magma doesn’t have speed and skills are hard to land because they need for players to stand in your skill for the full damage which isn’t happening in PvP.
  • Gravity: There’s a good potential combo with Gravity if you know how to land your X (Gravity Obeisance) and V (Meteors Rain) moves consecutively. But it’s also predictable so dodging them is pretty easy.


  • Bomb: Bomb fruit is equipped with the most offensive skillsets in the C-tier. The V (Self-Destruct) move does a maximum damage of 7000. It still packs a punch without being charged.
  • Rubber: Rubber is a great fruit for sword users and weapons or playstyle where you like to be up-close and personal. Land your hits and use your F (Slingshot) move to extend your combo. But you need to be hyper-aggressive with this fruit to maximize its potential. There are better fruits to be aggressive with.
  • Rocket: It has some great mobility, but again, lack of firepower makes it hard to win a fight with this.
  • Smoke: Smoke can be good with the right weapons. But the fruit itself has bad range, slow attack speed, and not enough firepower.
  • Diamond: It’s a defense fruit with a blinding move but renders the user slow with a lack of damage-dealing moves. Not to mention they’re easy to counter.


  • Barrier: Barrier comes with wall skill with the Z (Barrier Wall) and V (Barrier Towers) but it otherwise lacks offensive capabilities.
  • Spin: While it’s fully offensive, you cannot have a coherent combo with this fruit.
  • Falcon: Falcon users can annoy people with its move, but it definitely doesn’t do enough damage to be a threat.
  • Spike: Spike needs a user to be close enough to have a chance of landing any hits with all of their skills.
  • Spring: Spring continues to hold the position at the bottom of the barrel. As flashy as its V (Spring Emperor) is, the hitboxes are pretty bad that it lacks substance whatsoever.

And there you go. That’s the tier list for the best PVP fruits in Blox Fruits! Strong fruits are strong, but they’re not absolute. There are also factors such as weapons, Godhumans, and in a group PVP, other players! As long as you know how to play your cards right, a lot of these fruits can be amazing.

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Blox Fruits: Best Fruits (PVP) Tier List in Update 21 - Item Level Gaming (2024)
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