BridgeWave FE80 & GE80  100 Mbps - 1.25 Gigabit Wireless Point to Point Link

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   0 - 4 Miles
   100 Mbps & 1.25 Gigabits

   0 - 6 Miles
   100 Mbps to 1.6 Gigabits

   0 - 30 Miles
   16 to 48 Mbps

   0 - 30 Miles
   100 to 800 Mbps

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Fast Facts
Distance = 0 to 4 miles
Cost for Fast Ethernet [FE80] = $26,900
Cost for Gigabit [GE80]= $31,900
Extended Range Gigabit [AR80] = $35,900

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BridgeWave's 80 GHz point-to-point wireless link comes in two bandwidth options, 100 megabit and Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 Gbps throughput), and reaches single-hop distances up to four miles - longer with repeaters. If your distance is shorter than half a mile, consider the lower cost 60GHz radio.

The wireless connection is seamless to the network, delivering full speed Ethernet (100 Mbps or Gigabit) with minimal latency (60ms), forward error correction and SNMP management.

The link is easy to install because it consists only of a single Outdoor Unit (ODU) with integrated 1' flat-panel or 2' parabolic "dish" antenna. The ODU attaches to a 2 3/8" pipe mount and delivers a two-strand fiber interface (LC or SC) to your network switch or router (100 meter max.). A 14-gauge DC cable also runs from the ODU to an indoor power block (120 VAC, 5A).

At just $15,950 per end for a gigabit connection ($13,450 for Fast Ethernet), the BridgeWave FE-80 and GE-80 radios give you more bandwidth, security and reliability than leased lines, and for a fraction of the cost of fiber. This is a true carrier class radio and therefore it meets the demanding specs of major telcos for use in their own networks.

The FE80 and GE80 radios operate in the protected (licensed) 80GHz frequency band. This is one of the easiest licenses to get - we guarantee your acceptance, and as with all FCC licensed wireless solutions, we guarantee that you will never be knocked off the air by interference. Delivery is 30-days.

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1.25 Gigabit [Unlicensed 60GHz - FE60, GE60, AR60]  1.25 Gigabit [Licensed 80GHz - FE80, GE80, AR80]
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